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Consulting Services

Concept Design, BOD, DD, SDC, Commissioning Strat-up

A Comprehensive Approach

Covering all stages of Design, Construction and Commissioning.

Peer Review

Expert Guidance and Execution

Automation Design

Instrumentation and Control Design.​​

Automation, Instrumentation & Control

The Path to Success

Control Systems such as:

PCS - Process Control System

EMS - Environmental Monitoring Systems

BMS - Building Management Systems & Utilities

QBMS - Qualified Building Management Systems

System Architecture Drawings, Scope of Work, Technical Requirement Specification, Instrumentation index and I/O list etc.

Specifying of all Instrumentation types such as:

Analytical instrumentation 





Automated Valving​.

Project Management

Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing.

Communication and planning go hand in hand on success project delivery.

Services : Services
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